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If you’re feeling burned out, overwhelmed, or exhausted – you’re not alone. As we move through life, we often need to re-learn how to care for ourselves.


We help women achieve intentional transformation while providing self-awareness support based on #MentalRESET and an holistic approach prevention to individuals as well as teams and organizations.

Your first session begins with a free 30 minute discovery call which helps us to determine which program will be good for you. Sessions range from 5 weeks to 1 year depending on the program suited for your current progress.


Our programs are guides to overcome self-doubt and to harness the power in order to manifest abundant, authentic and purposeful lives.

We take a holistic and person-centered approach to self-awareness, acknowledging that self-awareness is multidimensional with personal, professional, and cultural implications.

So how does this play a vital role with domestic violence victims, recovering drug addictions and mental health wellness?

Self-awareness involves both your personal and professional life. We define self-awareness as caring for yourself in your personal and professional roles with compassionate action and mentality. Your self-awareness impacts the people you care about and the quality of your work, which makes self-awareness both a professional and personal responsibility.

This means self-awareness is not a luxury and not just what you do in your free time. Self-awareness is a compassionate choice to do what is best for you, which is not always the same thing as what’s easiest or most relaxing to do. Sometimes making a compassionate choice means doing hard things like saying no, setting boundaries, or breaking old patterns. Self-awareness is also not just about behavior and the things we do but also involves our mindset, self-talk, and attitude towards ourselves.

It’s also important to note here that we are not against hard work. Making time for self-awareness doesn’t mean you’re not working hard and working hard doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not practicing self-awareness. Self-awareness and work can co-exist.

We respect self-awareness in regards to individual preferences, beliefs, culture, and work setting. There’s no universal self-awareness plan that works for everyone. To be effective, self-awareness needs to be tailored to the individual. What self-awareness is for one person might not be self-awareness for another person.

We view self-awareness as a learnable skill that can be developed. Self-awareness is a practice that needs to constantly evolve with your life and your work. There will naturally be times in life when self-awareness is difficult to practice, and these fluctuations can be normal. However, a chronic lack of self-awareness can indicate deeper issues to address.

We approach self-awareness through the lens of progress and exploration. We don’t aim to achieve a perfect self-awareness practice or to maintain a perfect work/life balance. Rather, we believe in using self-awareness as a tool to learn about yourself and to support living a life that’s meaningful to you.

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