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Volunteers are an integral part of S.O.S.’s success. We are committed to changing the hearts and minds of our community to embrace women who have experienced incarceration, and volunteers are necessary in making that a reality. S.O.S. welcomes volunteers with open arms to join our community of people committed to change.

Our organization is made up of volunteers with a wide diversity of skills. Consequently, every effort will be made to match the interest and skills of each volunteer with our needs. The four main spheres of volunteering are with special events, grant writing, social media creators and virtually. The most important qualification to be a volunteer though is to have a caring heart and a sharing personality.

In order to become a S.O.S. volunteer please fill out the form below and a member of our team will reach out with you to schedule a time to speak more in depth about your interests, availability, and skills.

Come Be Part of The Team..

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